The Last Guardian Pre-Order Sales Is Exceeding Sony's Expectations

Contrary to The Last Guardian director - Fumito Ueda's worries, the game seems to be performing well in terms of pre-order sales. The worry roots back to the fact that the game has been delayed over and over again and that no one would remember it. It took 10 years to produce due to various reasons including the transition to port it from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. To back up the good news, Joe Palmer, Sony's product manager, recently revealed that the highly anticipated game's pre-orders are higher than they have expected.

The good news came from a dialogue between MCV and Palmer, however, he did not provide the specifics in terms of how many pre-orders actually happened versus how many they expected. Nonetheless, The Last Guardian's Collector's Edition has gathered the highest attention. Palmer states that as of now, he can't comment on the specific details but he can conclude that pre-orders for The Last Guardian have exceeded Sony's expectations.

Palmer also added that, "We've seen a really positive response to the Collector's Edition in particular, which despite its higher price point, proves there's a huge appetite for the game." The said edition costs $120 and if you put that data beside the fact that it has high pre-orders, it would lead us to the speculation that most of the sales numbers should come from here. The price tag of $120 also turns out to be reasonably priced compared to other editions from other titles on the market.

Palmer also never failed to emphasize that The Last Guardian was not 'hyped up' since it has already been through several delays. However, Sony is still optimistic that they'd sell well with the game. Palmer went on to say that Sony's intentions are to go on to rely on fan anticipation to promote pre-orders.

This goes to show that no matter how delayed a game is, it will still have fans that will support it, provided that the developers of the game have already proven to their gamers that they are worth it. In this case, The Last Guardian has Ico and Shadow of Colossus to back it up.

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