Sex Comes With A Price, And Even Getting More Expensive, Why Is That?

Sex, especially for older couples could be one of life's greatest pleasures. However, doctors have recently warned that the continuous increase in prices for prescription medicines for impotence and other sexual health problems  may have put the remedies out of reach for some. Considering that a person isn't covered with any health insurance, Viagra and Cialis costs about $50 a pill, which has tripled their 2010 list prices. Furthermore, Truven Health Analytics data has also shown that as for the "female Viagra" called Addyi have seen huge price run- ups as well.

Sex Drugs Increase, What Does It Imply?

In one of her statements reported by CBS News, Sheryl Kingsberg, a University Hospitals-Cleveland Medical Center behavioral psychologist and researcher who counsels men and women explained that many of these couples don't get past the pharmacy counter once they see the price. Kingsberg said that some insurance prescription plans, including Medicare, cover some of the medicines. Some plans don't cover any, arguing they're not medically necessary. Many require steep copayments or limit the number of impotence pills per prescription.

Meanwhile, as Daily Mail reports it, a sexual dysfunction specialist at New York's Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler, said that once a person gets to a certain price point, sex becomes a financial decision. However, on a lighter note, it was found that late next year, Viagra and Cialis will be set to have at least one generic competitor which sells sex drugs slightly less; prices will plunge later when more generics reach the market.

As doctors have described it, those patients who are unwilling to let go of sexual urge, usually split the pills or otherwise ration medicines, beg for scarce samples or seek copay discount coupons. Men with enlarged prostates can request Cialis because it's also approved for that condition, usually with insurance coverage. Some women make do with over-the-counter lubricants.

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