Everything You Have To Know About The ‘Star Of Bethlehem’: Is It Really A Star?

For many centuries now, scientists and theologians have been puzzled by the wonders of the Star of Bethlehem, which has been noted to be the mysterious biblical symbol or the so-called "Christmas Star". However, just recently, modern astrophysics has attempted to explain one of history's greatest astronomical events. A new study of this historical, astronomical, and biblical records has suggested that the Star of Bethlehem may not have been a star after all.

Star Of Bethlehem: If Its Not A Star, Then What Is It?

According to Daily Mail, the biblical event that took place in 6 BC was actually a rare planetary alignment, during which the sun, Jupiter, the moon, and Saturn all lay in the constellation Aries. For more than a decade, a Professor of theoretical astrophysics and cosmology in the Department of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, Grant Mathews, has reportedly studied the Star of Bethlehem. He found that the sun, Jupiter, the moon, and Saturn were aligned in Aries, while Venus was in the constellation Pisces, and Mercury and Mars were on the other side, in Taurus.

Furthermore, as Phys Org reveals it, Mathews has claimed that the presence of Jupiter and the moon was in fact, very symbolic as it has signified the birth of a ruler with a special destiny. Saturn was a symbol of the giving of life, as was the presence of Aries in the vernal equinox which has also been used as the mark for the start of spring.

Ultimately, Mathews said that for an event like this to happen is extremely rare. Moreover, as per Mathews, a similar alignment won't be seen again for the next 16,000 years. Even calculating 500,000 years into the future, the Professor has allegedly explained that there is no such alignment like the one that is now known as the Christmas Star could ever be found.

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