'Westworld' Season 2: Production Aware Of Fan Theories, Says Anything Can Happen

“Westworld” is clearly making noise even after it has already ended. With fans asking more questions, they are left no choice but to come up with theories to satiate their thirst for the said science fiction show. However, the production team behind the HBO series have revealed that they are aware of the speculations made by fans.

“Westworld” has created a whirlwind and has become widely popular for its novel story. The story revolves around several characters who are part of Westworld, a futuristic park that enables its visitors to live their wildest fantasy through advanced technology. The creators of the series, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have revealed some of what’s in store for “Westworld” Season 2.

Lisa Joy has emphasized that the series, though full of mystery, was actually keen on exploring the characters. She has also revealed that there are more worlds or themes and that they will be delving into the other dimensions in the second season. It turns out that Westworld is actually a prototype park that Ford initially worked on and ventured on to create more parks for diverse choices and experiences.

They’ve addressed the theories fans have been speculated from day one and especially commended fans for connecting William with The Man in Black. The creators have admitted that it feels gratifying waking up to a Monday morning with viewers worked up on the next episode with countless questions. They say they’ve worked on the series with a mindset that at least a third of the viewers should be able to figure out what happens next that way the moment the plot twist is dropped, it would be a huge bomb that viewers will remain hooked.

They have hinted that the sequel will be full of mayhem and of madness and transcendence. With the characters and Westworld established in the first season, Nolan and Joy said anything can go from here as there are tons of angles to explore. With probable new parks being introduced, there is also the huge possibility that any one of the characters will leave the park. “Westworld” Season 2 isn’t due till 2018.

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