Instagram Takes Notes From Facebook: Liking And Disabling Comments

Instagram started out as a straightforward and simple photo-sharing application, but has since grown to include several other features. The latest updates made to the same include the choice to disable comments, as well as like them. Several media reports have likened the move to be like Facebook's security measures.

According to CNN, the announcement was made on Tuesday. Should they opt to, users can choose to disable comments on their posts before they are actually shared with the public. However, commentary can be allowed again should the user change their mind. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom confirmed that the feature is meant to keep up with the application's "welcoming and safe" environment.

The need is obvious for celebrities and like people with thousands upon thousands of followers, who correspondingly suffer from a multitude of online trolls. Just the same, it will decrease the number of self-promoting accounts that use the comments section to earn followers. The publication stated that Kylie Jenner tested an early version of the feature in August, as individuals could like her photos, but were unable to comment on the same.

In addition, Mashable notes that Instagram users can now like comments made by other individuals - much like how comments can be liked on Facebook. Systrom this addition to the social media application would only "encourage positivity." And while the update seems simple enough, there are others who are complaining about how much the app has changed over the years.

Many long time users miss the days of simple photo sharing, which is still the primary use of Instagram. It was simpler at the beginning though, as users could only take photos, add filters and share images. However, it is no secret that the application has started to resemble what might be considered its competition. Other than the updates on commenting, the app also allows users to share daily stories with their followers - much like SnapChat.

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