‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 88 Spoilers, News And Updates: Eren To Die Soon? Power Of Nine Titans Weakens Its Host?

Hajime Isayama, the creator of "Attack On Titan" chapter 88 has recently teased that Eren Yeager will die. But he didn't specify when this will happen. Fans of the manga thought that the chain of deaths of some of the main characters in the story is already over, but this revelation will catch them by surprise.

The Power Of The Titans Are Weakening

The upcoming "Attack On Titan" chapter 88 will also see the power of the nine titans diminishing. Their lifespans will also be reduced to around 13 years. However, it is still uncertain if this happens when they first use their powers or at the time they inherited their powers.

It can be recalled that Kruger/Owl got his power about 13 years ago. That means, he has but a short time to live in "Attack On Titan" chapter 88. Proof of this is he is coughing a lot of blood. This happened to him after he eliminated the entire Marley soldiers stationed at the border.

Kruger Bestows His Powers To Grisha

Knowing that he is going to die soon, he described his plan to liberate the Eldians to Grisha in "Attack On Titan" chapter 88. He also transferred his titan power to Grisha. Meanwhile, Eren has approximately 8 years more to live since he acquired his titan power about five years ago when he joined the military.

On the other hand, Armin, still has his full 13 years in "Attack On Titan" chapter 88 since he just recently acquired his powers at the battle of Shiganshina. Avid readers of the manga can expect that this chapter will have some flashbacks after the events that happened in chapter 87. The upcoming chapter will dwell mostly with Kruger but it will also reveal how Grisha was able to get his Titan power.

 In this connection, "Attack On Titan" chapter 88 will also show that Kruger will be instrumental in transforming Grisha into a Titan. In the preceding chapters, it was revealed that Kruger is also a Titan shifter. There will be another month before fans can get their copies of chapter 88 but these spoilers can satisfy their questions while waiting for its release

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