‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers Episode 9, News And Updates: Secrets of Savitar To Change Everything? Wally Will Help Barry Beat Him?

The midseason finale of "The Flash" season 3 will completely change the flow of the show's story. Barry has been saddled with the mistakes he had made in Flashpoint and there are issues he is struggling with his teammates such as Cisco. He even recruited Jay Garrick from Earth 3 to help him beat Alchemy and Savitar.

An Unlikely Conversation With Savitar Will Take Place

Meanwhile, Wally will be honing his newfound powers in "The Flash" season 3. He may also be required to help Barry even if the latter doesn't want to. On the other hand, Savitar can really move faster than Barry or any speedster for that matter. He claims to be "the god of speed" and he seemingly proves that by the way he is beating The Flash.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Kreisberg, the executive producer of "The Flash" season 3 said that Barry and his team at Star Labs will have their first real talk with Savitar. From this conversation, the team will be able to understand what they are really up against. Savitar will also reveal why he is that fast. Kreisberg said that the conversation will be "very tearful and emotional."

Barry Needs Help From Jay Garrick Of Earth 3

The holiday season is coming but Barry can't take a break considering that he is up against two formidable foes, Alchemy and Savitar. As he can't figure out how to beat these foes, he feels he needs some advice from another speedster in Earth 3, Jay Garrick. Wally is already training and honing his skills with the help of H.R. intending to help Barry when he is ready.

However, this doesn't sit too well with Barry. The fact that old wounds are never going to hell that fast is another issue confronting Barry in "The Flash" season 3. Cisco can't be blamed for his feelings against Barry since The Flash is responsible for the death of his elder brother. When the show opens next season, will these issues be finally resolved?

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