NBA Rumors: Monta Ellis Going To Orlando Magic? Magic Moving Elfrid Payton And Serge Ibaka?

Some NBA trade rumors are now targeting guard Monte Ellis of the Indiana Pacers. According to a report, this comes at a time when the team has not been able to get to the Eastern Conference playoffs last season. Steve Kyler, publisher of Basketball Insiders suggested that the Pacers will consider trading Ellis with another club only in this season.

Why Ellis Is A Good Target For The Orlando Magic

Kyler explained why he believes on these NBA trade rumors that Ellis could be a good target for Frank Vogel, head coach of the Orlando Magic. "Not sure there is much the Pacers have to offer without ripping up the core, which I do not see them doing," said Vogel. "I think they need a flat out scorer and there is some history with Vogel, but at this point, nothing is there," he added.

Ellis is among the highest-paid team members of the Indiana Pacers. And at 31 years old, he is the oldest starter on the team. It would seem wise for the Pacers to unload Ellis through a trade so they can extend their salary cap. Some NBA trade rumors have suggested that they could trade him for younger players which would be better for their younger roster.

Orlando Magic Needs A Go-To Scorer

The Orlando Magic, on the other hand, has unloaded tons of money to enhance the quality of its lineup. This is its grand design in trying to reach the playoffs which could be their first since season 2011-2012. In line with some NBA trade rumors, a report from the Orlando Sentinel written by Josh Robbins said that this team is looking to add a number of scorers through the trade market when it opens this year.

Orlando Magic's primary weakness in their first 21 games was scoring. In points per game, the Magic is ranked 29th in the current NBA season. According to some NBA trade rumors, the team may be moving Serge Elfrid Payton and Serge Ibaka to acquire good scorers. It seems that one of their biggest problems is that they don't have a go-to scorer which is very crucial during the dying minutes of a game.

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