Marvel Series News: 'Luke Cage' Season 2 Might Introduce Heroes For Hire; 'Iron Fist' New Stills Released

Marvel Series News: 'Luke Cage' Season 2 Might Introduce Heroes For Hire; 'Iron Fist' New Stills Released
With Netflix confirming "Luke Cage" Season 2, fans are now wondering if they'll finally introduce new characters. Meanwhile, another Marvel series is up as new stills have been released from the set of "Iron Fist". Photo : Netflix US & Canada/YouTube

Netflix has finally confirmed the return of Marvel’s bulletproof hero in “Luke Cage” Season 2. Along with the announcement was a short teaser simply blinking the “Season 2 Coming Soon” hanging on the window of Pop’s barber shop. “Luke Cage” is not the only one making noise as Netflix has just released still photos from the set of “Iron Fist”.

With the Marvel series “Luke Cage” finally coming back with a new season, fans are wondering where the series will head on to now. It clearly will pick up from Luke being carried away to Seagate Prison after the hateful Mariah Dillard tattletales on him. The Marvel hero will probably have to go through another horrific experience in the prison, but with his powers, it might just be bearable.

There is also the brewing relationships in the series that will affect the story. The first season ended with confirming the status of the relationship between Mariah Dillard and Shades. The love affair between the two villains could be a cover to keep their respective schemes in the shadows. Everybody knows Mariah is crazy about leading Harlem and Shades wants power, so the affair could just be binding as long as they remain partners in crime especially to fend off Diamondback, who’ll probably wake up as strong as Luke and out for revenge.

Then there’s the romantic link between Luke and Claire Temple, a nurse who have aided in him several times in the series as well in “Jessica Jones”. The “Luke Cage” series have introduced Claire somewhat of a tough gal who might just be an upcoming hero herself. With Misty Knight and Claire finally teaming up and Pop’s old barber shop being ransacked again, fans have speculated that the barber shop might just turn into the new place fans wanted as depicted in the Marvel comics.

In the last episode of “Luke Cage” Season 1, one of the characters said that Pop’s place just doesn’t want to be a barber shop anymore. Luke replied with the idea of keeping the space but making a whole new thing out of it. This idea might just be the headquarters for the Heroes for Hire that fans have been waiting for.

Heroes for Hire originated from the Marvel solo comics series for “Luke Cage”, where Luke managed to form a group of superheroes. The group becomes a licensed private investigation firm that is hired to fight and solve crimes. In the comics, Heroes for Hire comprised of several Marvel characters including Iron Fist, Misty Knight, Elektra, Ant-Man, Punisher, and even Deadpool.

With “Iron First” and “The Defenders” in the works to release soon, fans are hoping that this said arc will be finally tackled in the second season of “Luke Cage”. Not only will it add up to the interesting story, but it will finally have a team of fellow superheroes that Luke can count on. Elektra and Punisher can make a crossover and Ant-Man or even Deadpool can make a cameo as well since all these characters have all been introduced in separate series and movies.

In light of the preparation for the several Marvel series, Netflix has released new stills from the production set of “Iron Fist”. The stills feature the cast and a peek of what to expect in the series. Iron Fist also known as Danny Rand, portrayed by actor Finn James, is shown in one of the stills training in a dojo. Upcoming Marvel series, “Iron Fist” will premiere on March 17, 2017 with 13 episodes on Netflix.

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