The Story Behind Tyrathan Khort And His Relationship With Vol'Jin

During the funeral of Vol'Jin, you'll find a lone human watching the ceremony from the outskirts of Ogrimmar. When approached, the NPC will tell you that his name is Tyrathan Khort and he's a close friend to the former Warchief. Today, we're going to unravel the story behind the no-named human and how he'll play a role in the future events of the game.

Tyrathan Khort

Way back in Pandaria, Tyrathan and his fellow hunters were exploring the uncharted Pandaria when they were ambushed by the Sha. All of his allies fell through the malevolent spirits while Tyrathan himself was gravely injured. He was stranded in the forest for a couple days before being found by Chen Stormstout and was then taken to the Shado-Pan Monastery to heal. It is here that he met Vol'Jin for the first time.

Tyrathan Khort and Vol'Jin

The friendship between the two warriors grew when Vol'Jin entered into the dream of Tyrathan in order to revive the hunter from his coma, which consequently, revealed his past experiences particularly the Sha ambush. It is here that Vol'Jin realized the frailty of the Human race compared to the Trolls and the guilt that the hunter had felt in his heart after failing to save his comrades. Vol'Jin talked to Tyrathan in his dreams and help him overcome his doubts on his self.

After Tyrathan woke up from his temporary coma and realizing that his dream was indeed real, he then revered the troll so much that he considers Vol'Jin as his best friend - and even changed his perspective to the opposing faction. Following this event, the two warriors will then fight alongside each other to repel the Zandalar tribe.

Fast forward, at the conclusion of the battle, Tyrathan suffered a grievous wound which would've killed the hunter but Vol'Jin then made a bargain with Death to heal Tyrathan. When the hunter was fully healed, the two then made a pact "to kill whoever kills the other." Vol'Jin then finally departed to help in the Siege of Ogrimmar during the last events of Pandaria.

Future Role of Tyrathan Khort

The pact between the two warriors barely explains why Tyrathan wants to avenge Vol'Jin. Because in actuality, the human hunter regarded the former Warchief with utmost respect and considers him his closest friend - even from his own kin. Now, the real question is, what will Tyrathan plays in the future of World of Warcraft?

Well, we all know that we will be taking our fight to Argus after the Legion's expansion and we highly suspect that it is here where Tyrathan will be given the spotlight. Afterall, all of these events (backstory included) were just recently included in the game. The story behind this is from the book Shadows of the Horde.

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