This Tiny 4K-Capable Retro Console Is Much Better Than The NES Classic Edition

There's a lot of brouhaha going around the Nintendo NES Classic Edition since it was released. After the last unit was shipped and sold, more and more people are going crazy about owning one. This blinds people from looking around and finding that there are more consoles out there worthy of their attention than the NES. Just take for example the Retro Engine Sigma, a tiny console with 4K-capabilities.

It's not sour-graping but what is really good about the NES Classic Edition other than bringing nostalgic childhood memories and playing 30 pre-loaded retro games. Moreover, the NES has very short controller cables.

Now comes Retro Engine Sigma which can not only play 30 games but almost any retro games as it can emulate more than 28 different classic gaming machines. According to its developer, Indiegogo, the console has the capability to run games from Game Boy, N64, Dreamcast, Sega, and many more. Aside from that, it can become a 4K-capable media center. So how cool is that?

In case you are wondering how much the price, the Retro Engine Sigma can be pre-ordered for $50. This includes a USB gaming controller and a 16GB microSD card for storing games and media. The game also includes 15 pre-loaded games which you can play right away.

However, here's the bad news after the good news. The Retro Engine Sigma is still under development and is set to be released sometime in June. That means you have to wait till the middle of net year in order to have it. Also, you have to find all the classic games you want on the Internet you need.

How about the $50 price? That is part of Indiegogo's crowdfunding campaign and the price is for the first 500 backers who will sign in to make the Retro Engine Sigma a reality.

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