Best Couch Co-op Games You Can Play With Family And Friends Over The Holidays

Mario Kart 64 Will Be Available Tomorrow On Wii U Virtual Console
Lots of classic game titles has been added on the Wii U Virtual Console. lately and it was reported that another classic will hit the console today. This classic game is no other than Mario Kart 64 which will bring throwback feel especially to the players from the 90s. Photo : YouTube / ZackScottGames

Whenever a family or friend gathering happens over the holidays, gamers would find ways to spend time and snuggle with their loved ones by playing couch co-op games. This is one time of the year when everyone is present so what better way to spend some quality time but by doing it gamer style.

The setup is really simple. Once everyone is in, a family meal will be served, say lunch. After lunch, everyone will be idle so suggest something fun, like turning on the TV and start setting up that couch co-op game. Here are some suggestions that will have everyone huddled up. Bets and taunts are welcome; just don't rage quit and hate your opponents.

Couch Co-op for the Holidays: NES CLASSIC EDITION

The NES Classic Edition has already hit the shelves. The real question is, were you able to secure one? If so, then this is a great way to play classic 8-bit games with family and friends. It is important to note that a second controller needs additional purchase. This idea is perfect for 80's kids, reminding their parents the way they used to shout at their kids to stop playing video games and go outside.

Couch Co-op for the Holidays: SUPER SMASH BROS

Gather all Nintendo favorites and lock them up into one big brawl! Up to 4 players can use their wits with their favorite franchise characters. Be warned as rage quits are imminent after every battle. Trash talk not required but can be used to heat up the game. Ready your best character with Super Smash Bros.

Couch Co-op for the Holidays: RAYMAN LEGENDS

One of the best modern platformers, Rayman Legends ties up engaging gameplay with stunning visuals and introduced in a two-player co-op. It provides a plethora of challenges, best for platformer veterans but is still newbie-friendly.

Couch Co-op for the Holidays: MARIO KART 8

Serious racing simulation is cool but Mario Kart 8 is way cooler. The game combines arcade racing and lots of cheats and power ups to slow down your opponents. Regardless of preferred game genre, this is fun for everyone. Four players can race against each other so better get a bigger couch.

Couch Co-op for the Holidays: MINECRAFT

Since this game has an open-ended nature, Minecraft appeals to both young and old gamers. You can hook up to 4 players and go crazy with your builds. Craft whatever you can and stick together during night time. This is like survivor Lego style.

Couch Co-op for the Holidays: SONIC & ALL-STARS RACING TRANSFORMED

This is not as popular as Mario Kart, but if you don't have a Nintendo system, this will be enough to entertain you and your loved ones. Enjoy a different world of crazy racing featuring star characters from Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

Couch Co-op for the Holidays: LITTLE BIG PLANET 3

LittleBigPlanet 3 is a platformer exclusive to PlayStation 4. This game allows you to create the world you want to play in. Making game levels with family and friends is more fun with this title. You can also download levels from other players online. Sounds like Super Mario Maker but for Sony. Three players can play this game locally.

There are tons of couch co-op games you can share with your loved ones this holiday season. The most important thing to remember is that you enjoy playing them together. Below is a video showing more suggestions. Keep it here, keep gaming.

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