The Last Guardian VS Dead Rising 4, Which Should You Get First

The Last Guardian Release Date, Update: Development Reaches Gold; Game To Launch December
We know both games are awesome and they drop by during the holidays but which one should you play first? Get some insights here. Photo : Photo by PlayStation/Youtube

As December starts to roll out, so do Sony and Microsoft with their exclusive titles. The Last Guardian VS Dead Rising 4, who would win your heart? It is important to note that before deciding to decide between the two games, you should have both PS4 and Xbox One consoles, else, just stick to the one compatible to your game system.

The Last Guardian steps up for the PlayStation 4. A game that started development 10 years ago. Originally pitched for the PS3 back on 2011, the game has experienced delay after delay in production. Fans are now happy, regardless of the several heartbreaks they have received.

On the Xbox One, we have Dead Rising 4. The Xbox exclusive is an open world zombie-infested game where you need to be creative and exploration should be a habit. The fourth installment promises amazing gameplay compared to the previous three.

Obviously, both games are very different but for people who can just afford one game at a time, thinking about what they're buying first is crucial. Ending up in disappointment is not an option. So, without further ado, here are some details from both sides to help you decide which game to get first.

The Last Guardian VS Dead Rising 4: Story-Telling

Story is often the crucial factor when deciding to buy a game, except if you just want to smash everything out of the way. Some people want a game that is thought-provoking, others just want to bash the buttons and kill everyone, some want good strategies to be required in gameplay.

The Last Guardian wins this category as this is the game's forefront. The game places you as a young boy befriending a huge beast as you go together on a journey throughout the game. If you are a big fan of storytelling then Fumito Ueda is your guy. The mind behind this game also created Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

On the other hand, if you just want something that doesn't have to make sense all the time, then pick up Dead Rising 4. Take control of Frank West, the ultimate badass when it comes to tearing apart zombies. The game returns players to Willamette Colorado during Christmas. Revisit the very same mall that started it all, wow, I just made a rhyme back there.

The Last Guardian VS Dead Rising 4: Gameplay

Same as their stories, the gameplay for Dead Rising 4 and The Last Guardian are different too. Ultimately, both games would want you to explore but other than that, there are lots of differences.

If you go for large-scale puzzles and is patient enough to solve them without falling fast asleep, then The Last Guardian is for you. Trico will be there to assist you, this gigantic gentle griffin is your best friend in the game.

Dead Rising 4, well, it's still a Dead Rising game. You need to think properly on how to get through hordes of zombies for each mission. Stealth or going Rambo, it's up to you. There's no giant gentle friend here, just waves of friendly zombies. Friendly enough to sink their teeth into whatever part of your body they can attach them to.If you're a gamer who loves crowds, this is for you.

The Last Guardian VS Dead Rising 4: Online Multiplayer

Dead Rising 4 definitely bags this one as you can go with survival mode with friends online. However, there is no co-op option in campaign mode. Nonetheless, it's still fun to have friends around playing the game together.

If you prefer one player all the time, then by all means go for The Last Guardian. As its predecessors are, this game is for solo play. Could get a bit boring sometimes, which is good because you can rest your eyes and fall asleep, alone.

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