The Last Guardian Tips: List of Commands For Trico

Trico is your cute and loyal beast in The Last Guardian. Having him in your journey makes it easier but controlling him is never easy. You have to understand the gestures and sounds he make in order to issue the right command. Here are some helpful The Last Guardian tips to master Trico.

Trico's Eyes

Trico's eyes changes to three different shades all with different meanings. If his eyes are black, then he is happy and satisfied. If his eyes are white and yellow, he is distracted or afraid while his pink eyes tells you that he is very angry. This usually happens when he senses danger and a sudden attack from an enemy.

Trico's Sounds

This The Last of Guardian tips also include understanding the sounds Trico used as you journey with him. He usually whines to express his frustration, especially when he cannot follow the command you gave him. He also makes this sound if he feels his master is getting far from him.

Aside from whining, The Last Guardian Trico also howls or grunts, which he usually does when he wants to get your character's attention. This is also a sound of enthusiasm signalling you that he is ready to get to the next puzzle.

Commanding Trico

Now that you understand Trico's gestures and sounds, the next The Last of Guardian tips would be the commands you need to handle him. If you want to praise him or make him stand, press R1 and O together.

To scold him or make him sit, press R1 and X together. On the other hand, if you want him to jump, press R1 and the triangle simultaneously. To let him attack or swipe an enemy, simply press R1 and the square together.

Let's say Trico is distracted, you can call and get his attention simply by pressing R1. For additional commands, holding R1 and the individual buttons for each will do the trick.

If Trico is afraid, calm him by climbing on his back and press O to rub his neck and soothe him. Lastly, in order to maneuver him in any direction, simply hold R1 and the directional controls together in The Last Guardian.

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