The Last Guardian Guide: Things You Should Know Before Playing

The Last Guardian Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment, Watch Here
Smosh Games pokes fun at The Last Guardian, one of the most anticipated games of 2016. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

The Last Guardian has finally been released after more than 5 years of waiting. There are a few details you need to check out before you fully appreciate the game's story-focused gameplay. It's like watching an awesome fantasy movie but you get to control the characters from time to time.

As stated, the game is very focused to its story, much like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus which came before it. Ico is a story about the gradually developing friendship between a young boy who happens to have the same name, and a mysterious girl called Yorda. With that said, The Last Guardian takes after Ico closer by focusing on two different characters and their relationship.

The Last Guardian is About a Boy, a Beast, and Their Relationship

Story is the main focus of this video game and Sony has been very careful to not spill out much. Word on the internet says that the game's story is told from an old man's perspective. Seemingly this old man used to be that young boy in the game. This old man recounts their adventures and the player in turn would participate by completing each level. As the game progresses, so does the improvement between the boy and Trico's friendship.

The Last Guardian is a Puzzle Solving Platform Game

Players control the young boy seen from a third person perspective. He can do pretty much anything within the environment. On the other hand, Trico, the griffin, is controlled by AI. Players must command Trico so both characters can successfully solve each puzzle and survive one level at a time. Sometimes Trico does not listen and stuff have to be done so that it will cooperate. This makes the game more exciting.

The Last Guardian is Created by Fumito Ueda

Fummito Ueda is the mastermind for The Last Guardian. He directs and produces the game. He also was responsible for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Ueda joined Sony's ranks in 2007 and since that day, he made awesome games. It is recommended that you try the previous games if you dig The Last Guardian.

Both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are well received by the gaming community and is praised for their groundbreaking design and awesome storytelling. All three of his games tell vague stories that are narrated in part with environmental storytelling, each of these games have this 'identity' that Ueda have conceived.

The Last Guardian started development in 2007

The game started early conception, planning and development in 2007, but it wasn't formally announced until 2009 came by. This would mean that the game is made in 9 years. That's a long development cycle but it's worth the wait. The Last Guardian did not make a huge change from start to finish, which is incredible. The game has finally hit gold and is ready for release today.

The Last Guardian's Soundtrack and Composer

The game's soundtrack is composed by Takeshi Furukawa. He is known for his work in the 2010 remake of Golden Eye 007, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A lot of thought is put together to make a soundtrack for The Last Guardian since the game is story focused. The music and sound should also be good enough to immerse the gamer.

The Last Guardian will hit the shelves today and is exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Keep it here, and keep gaming.

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