The Last Guardian Does Not Play Well On PS4 Pro

The Last Guardian, the third game led by Fumito Ueda, has taken nine years before it was finally completed. However, there are reports that claim that the game is having some issues on the PS4.

The Last Guardian is reported to have begun as a PS3 game in 2007, and was launched in 2009 during the E3 event. Following the release, The Last Guardian was consistently rumored to cancel. Yet in spite of it, the The Last Guardian is finally completed.

With a score of 7 over 10, The Last Guardian earned a "Good" rating, given the characters, tone and the music having high marks. However, the camera is reportedly disappointing, while the controls are said to make players pull their hair out, therefore making puzzle-solving become very difficult.

Moreover, The Last Guardians on PS4 Pro  is also reported to run differently depending on whether or not the player uses a 4K UHD TV.  In fact, there is no in-game setting for resolution preferences or the HDR, and players would have to manipulate manually at the OS level.

After capturing footage from all scenarios, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry found that the performance differs broadly. The base model often runs in the mid 20s and the PS4 Pro at 4k in just mildly enhanced. Nevertheless, the PS4 Pro at 1080p brings an almost locked 30fps, which is the preferred option.

Meanwhile, The Last Guardian is a platforming puzzler that is set in a mysterious land, yet  sets itself apart in one massive way Trico, a humongous puppy-bird-cat hybrid creature that brings The Last Guardian's young protagonist on his journey.

With less instruction provided by The Last Guardian, many have noted how Trico intuitively interacts with the players, saving them in the nick of time from some deathly fall, as it leaps into action to get to a gaping chasm.Watch The Last Guardian PS4 Pro: How To Get Smoother Frame-Rates on a 4K Screen


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