Pokemon Go Gen 2 Is Key To Reversing Game Misfortune?

Pokemon GO may have lost a large percent of its regular fan base but the hit mobile game reportedly still ranks in an average $3 million a day. Furthermore, Pokemon GO still ranks ninth on the app store's top grossing chart. Pokemon GO is reportedly set on amping up its online community with over 100 new Pokemon this month.

At launch, Pokemon GO was said to be undeniably the most popular video game of all time. Apparently, the hit mobile game Pokemon GO sparked an international craze. Hence, millions rushed out on the streets in hopes of catching their Pokemon monsters, which is exactly what the developers were aiming for.

Niantic has always stressed out its goals of pushing people to go out there and interact with the world. However, what Niantic did was remove its tracker, which reportedly drove people back into their homes and on their couch. On the other hand, a recent leak from Starbucks reportedly points out the biggest update to Pokemon GO.

Rumor has it that a couple of 100 Pokemon will be coming to the second-gen Pokemon GO. Moreover, if the rumors are to be believe, Starbucks could transform into Poke Stops all over the country. Additionally, Pokemon GO players who catch them all at Starbucks may also get to order a special drink.

It is believed that Niantic will push through with this project as well as with the upcoming Holiday event. Pokemon GO players have reportedly been contemplating on the thought of heading out in the cold just to catch Pokemon. Apparently, Starbucks and latte may just fit.

In other news, Sprint recently made an announcement exclusive to Pokemon GO players. Rumor has it that the special announcement regarding Niantic's partnership with Starbucks will be revealed by the mobile carrier Sprint. In light of this, recent reports reveal that Niantic has already assigned a specific date for launching.

Pokemon GO developers and Sprint is expected to hold a joint press-con at 8:30 a.m. Pacific time today. The two are expected to discuss Pokemon GO-related news. Sprint Executive Marcelo Claure and Niantic Chief John Hanke is expected to be on call to answer questions about the rumors on the updates. Watch the rumors here:


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