iPhone 6 Latest News: Apple Insists Battery Issues Caused By External Issues

Apple is in a bit of a quandary right now after reports of exploding iPhone 6 units keep trickling in.

Shanghai's Consumer Council, a consumer group in China which is affiliated with the government has forwarded reports to Apple from at least eight individuals who claim to have experienced their iPhones suddenly shutting down or catching fire.

According to a BBC report, eight users have reached out to Shanghai's consumer watchdog to detail how their iPhone 6 series devices "spontaneously combusted or exploded".

Apple has since taken the necessary steps to get to the bottom of the complaints. The tech giant conducted tests on the smartphones and determined that there is "no cause for concern with these products".

BBC also mentioned that a certain technology analyst believe that the issue is not a widespread problem.

This issue of smartphones suddenly exploding or going up in smoke is nothing new and is, in fact, in the news for quite some time now thanks to what happened to Samsung's supposed flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 7. After that debacle, it seems Apple is suffering the same fate.

BGR explains that "all battery-powered devices have a theoretical risk of explosion". With the case of the Galaxy Note 7, the probable cause of the explosion as discovered by Instrumental was the lack of space for the battery to expand when heated. Also, the separator between the negative and positive layers of the battery was too thin to give ample protection from each other. When the layers touched each other, this ignited a spark which eventually toasted the device.

Apple believes there is no such issue with the iPhone 6. It also claims the incidents involving the devices in China must have been because of "external factors". The company explained that external physical damage on the iPhones caused the battery issues.

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