'Vikings' Season 4, Episode 13 Spoilers: Ragnar's Crew Crashes In Wessex, Rollo Joins Bjorn's Voyage

Ragnar's crew will get in serious trouble in "Vikings" season 4, episode 13. Their fleet will be shipwrecked on Wessex coast causing Ragnar and Ivar to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Rollo will put his marriage and new identity on the line to join Bjorn's new voyage.

In "Vikings" season 4, episode 12 titled "The Vision," Ragnar sailed to Wessex, England with old locals he bribed with treasure despite Aslaug's warning. Aslaug had a vision of Ivar drowning and warned them they could die if they sailed to Wessex. True enough, they met a violent storm and their ships capsized.

Ragnar and Ivar will be forced to make a difficult decision. Their three ships are all wrecked and washed up on Wessex coast and there will not be enough survivors to make a credible force. In the first place, his crew is made up of aged men.

The official synopsis for "Vikings" season 4, episode 13 reveals Rollo would not be able to resist joining Bjorn's voyage after reuniting with his Viking comrades, risking both his marriage and his new Frankish identity. The preview shows Bjorn telling Rollo about his plan and Rollo said he will only agree if Bjorn allows him to join. The next scene shows the two leading a fleet and Rollo having a fight with his wife.

"Vikings" season 4, episode 13 preview also shows Lagertha leading an uprising. On the other hand, Ragnar and his son will be at the mercy of King Ecbert. The preview shows the King's men finding pieces of Ragnar's clothes on the coast and Ragnar will take another big risk. He will carry Ivar to the Royal Villa in Wessex to save him.

"Vikings" season 4, episode 13 titled "Two Journeys" will air Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 9 p.m. ET on History. Watch the trailer below:

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