Cloudy With A Chance Of An Alien? Another UFO Sighting Spotted In Japan, Are Aliens Dominating The World Sooner Than We Thought?

The power of social media has once again been put to the spotlight after a snapper had allegedly captured an incredible photo of what a lot of people believe as a perfectly round type of roll cloud. A strange cloud which had seemingly looked like the Death Star from a sci-fi movie has recently been spotted over the skies of Japan. The spherical cloud has been seen lurking around in the air against the clear blue sky at 3pm in Fujisawa in Kanagawa.

Perfect Puffball Of Clouds: Could It Contain An Alien Life Form?

According to reports revealed by The Sun, the puffball cloud has reportedly been seen to have appeared above a train station in Japan. It was found that the pictures of the said UFO phenomenon have gone viral after they were posted on Twitter, with over 18,000 retweets and 20,000 likes.

Furthermore, as World Breaking News reports it, a social media user only known as Poppy has also been found to have posted the happening on Twitter. In one of his statements which have been loosely translated, Poppy said that he first saw the picture on Facebook. As he would describe the image, it was like a strange cloud which has been spotted at Shonandai station at 3 pm on Sunday. Poppy was also quoted to have said that it was something which he never had seen before in his entire life.

Meanwhile, a lot of witnesses to the strange phenomenon have said that it was originally perfectly round, but they took so long staring that it started to lose its shape when they snapped a photo, until it had mysteriously disappeared. After the pictures went viral on social media, some users were reported to have been worried about the sighting hoping that it is not a strange omen.

On the other hand, conspiracy theorists believe that aliens have the machinery to produce clouds around their space crafts to hide themselves. It was found that humans have dubbed the technique as "cloud-cloaking." Moreover, UFO hunters have claimed that there are two types of UFOs: those that hide in cloud formations and those that generate their own clouds. However, skeptics said that it was just a roll of cloud which sits low in the sky.

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