Take It From Someone Who Has Been Up There! Retired Air Force Officer Finally Breaks His Silence After Witnessing A UFO

In as long as four decades, a retired US Air Force officer had kept his mum about the issue on UFO sightings. However, in a recent interview, he finally broke his silence after he claimed that he allegedly had a close encounter with a UFO inside of a British forest in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, which is also dubbed as "Britain's Roswell" in a period of over three nights between December 26 and 28 in 1980.

Another UFO Sighting, Finally Revealed

In one of his statements revealed by the New York Post, Steve Longero, retired military personnel said that it was what he described as something that is not from this world. It was found that he was on duty December 26, 1980, the first night in which the strange sightings were reported. He explained that they had a very sophisticated alarm system and that everything just went off, as it went real quiet. In his account, added that there was this thing hovering over the trees, which made him a little skeptic at first. Mr. Longero claimed that something was indeed watching them.

Furthermore, according to The Sun, Mr. Longero has reportedly recalled seeing Colonel Charles Halt there, who made a tape recording describing how beams of light were being shone down by the UFO. He has written an explosive new book called The Halt Perspective describing his close encounter. As he explains it, the retired military officer had also been given an orientation after the bizarre sighting. He added that the adrenaline was just overflowing.

However, days after witnessing the said phenomenon, Mr. Longero revealed that he was debriefed claiming that he was told not to talk about what he saw as the base had nuclear weapons on site. Moreover, UFO investigator Philip Mantle, who interviewed Steve for Outer Limits Magazine, had explained that Mr. Longero does not claim to be anything special but he actually wants to highly emphasise the fact that there were a lot of witness to the event which is now being put into question. Mantle adds that many of these witnesses' statement are yet to be taken into account.

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