‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10 Episode 11 Delayed; CBS Gives The Show A Rerun Treatment

"The Big Bang Theory" season 10 returns on Dec. 15 with its thrilling episode 11 that will welcome the arrival of Bernadette and Howard's baby. Photo : MovieScenes/YouTube

Amid many rumors chasing “The Big Bang Theory” this time let’s focus on the truth.

The popular sitcom is reportedly taking a break. “TBBT” Season 10 Episode 11 will be aired on Dec. 15 instead of its original schedule, Dec. 8.

Fans need not worry as the Thursday slot won’t be left empty. CBS is going to show "The Military Miniaturization" rerun, which was the 2nd episode of the current installment. This will be a great opportunity to the viewers who missed the said chapter. They can catch up with the comedic brilliance of their favorite characters and still laugh to their hearts’ content.

With the delayed airing of the latest episode, the strong followers of the series are surely dismayed but hey, we got the scoop here.

When “The Big Bang Theory” season 10, episode 11 premieres, it will welcome Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Howard’s (Simon Helberg) first child. Titled “The Birthday Synchronicity,” Howard will finally prove that he can be the best father despite growing up without a dad beside him. Howard’s dad, Sam, left him during his early years. Howard may be anxious of the situation but now that he has a child of his own to nurture, we bet our cards that he’ll be one awesome daddy.

The impending episode will also see Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) attempt to get her boyfriend in the mood for sex. Interestingly, the couple agreed to make love at least once a year, specifically on Amy’s birthday. It looks like it may not happen this year since everyone will be pretty excited and busy with the arrival of Bernadette and Howard’s baby.

In an interview, executive producer Steve Molaro explained why the program wanted Amy and Sheldon to have sex on an annual basis.

“As far as this being some sort of sellout or giant shift in the character, I think it’s lines like that that allow us to have such a momentous occasion, but it still can feel very much like Sheldon and Amy – Sheldon saying that we did this thing, but we’re only going to do it once a year is an example of us holding the character intact, even when something this monumental happens,” he said.

It’s gonna be a thrilling comeback for the crazy group of CBS’ hit show.

What’s next? The cancellation rumors have been debunked already by series creator Chuck Lorre and confirmed its eleventh season. What about the alleged spin-off for Jimmy Parsons?

Previously, a spin-off series on Sheldon Cooper’s life was reportedly being discussed. As the source noted, “CBS may feature a young Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, as he grows up in Texas.”

At this writing, that spin-off remains a speculation. The actor nor the network validated the news. Let’s just focus on the bright side then. “The Big Bang Theory” lives on and that’s what matters most.

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