Star Wars: Rogue One Themed Commercial Goes Viral; Melted Hearts Wordwide

Globe Telecom, one of the major telecommunications provider in the Philippines, just shared a Star Wars: Rogue One themed commercial that is surely a sob story. A two minutes and three seconds posted with a caption "Will you #CreateCourage no matter what?" Globe released this video ads to launch their #CreateCourage campaign on social media awareness.

Star Wars: Rogue One A Sentimental Commercial

This short commercial story tells a lot. It rolls around a school age kid who wears a Stormtrooper helmet. He wears it anytime, anywhere at any place: at home, at school or even while eating, playing or even brushing his teeth.

The first part of the clip, you will notice his older brother accompanies this weird-helmet-wearing Stormtrooper helmet kid, not caring about the people who somehow puzzled about their appearances. The short-clip shows how much unconditional love of the sib matters. His big brother does not shrink at all with the younger sibling's oddity.

The brothers enjoying their companionship while watering the plants using their toy guns, there both trimmed their bushes, they help each other to design their rooms, and riding spacecraft-like bicycles. But the kids show the utmost joy when they watch together the Star Wars: Rogue One film.

The Story Of Courage And Confidence

The kid walks with pride. He even helped an elderly cross the street. The two walk a long side of the road, way back and forth bounded by home and school with the kid lingering with his trolley.

I think, its portraying the first day of school. Kids and even teachers give them different suspicious, curious and some with malice looks. But still, the kid named Alex (as written in her name tag) does not totter while walking. As he enters the room, the teacher secretly smiles after her student curiously looked at her.

The very next school day, the siblings follow same routine. The big brother drops Alex off to class. As he enters the room, she was astonishingly stand still. As he saw all of his classmates and teacherswearing Stormtroopers helmet as they raise from their seats.

Then you notice and realize that Alex is not a boy but a young girl whose has trimmed hair and carries a trolley that contains a breathing apparatus and imply to some sort of illness as she wears oxygen mask. All this hidden under her Stromtrooper mask. And there, that very moment my tears fall as they all hug her, understanding what she's been going through.

Watch the Star Wars: Rogue One compliment clip below, as it display #createcourage.

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