'Steven Universe' Season 4 Updates: Hiatus Already Finalized By The Producers

Steven Universe Season 4
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I really don't know but it seems to be that putting a series in hiatus is now a trend. First, Rick and Morty went on hiatus even though they are killing the ratings. Next, we have Once Upon A Time, a series which is very consistent but was put on hold.

Steven Universe Season 4

So far, Steven Universe Season 4 is kicking in all cylinders. As expected, they are able to create episodes that made the fans very happy. They are on top of TV animation ratings right now and if there's a series that can stop them that would be Rick and Morty(which is unlikely to return this year). There are so many plots displayed in one episode and I find it very interesting. It seems that the producers are pushing the limits of the show.

I'm hoping that by showing multiple plots means more season for the show. One of my favorite episode in this season is when Greg(Steven's father) explained why the Gems are very important to them. He thoroughly explained that when Steven's mom was still with them, she loved the Gems and considered it as part of the family. Greg was touched by the gesture of his wife and opted to stay with the Gems.

The Gems arrivals on planet Earth was an accident. They were trying to save their race from travelling to one planet to another. Until such time they were able to find planet Earth. They find Earth beautiful and a suitable place to live in. Although they are still trying to adjust, they were able to blend perfectly. With the emergence of Steven Universe, their bond became stronger. Steven is half human half gem, and the Gems vowed to protect him regardless what the cost is.

Steven Universe To Be Put On Hold

I'm still hoping that they would change their mind with regards to putting the show on hiatus. From a fan perspective, I don't see any problem with the show. I've checked each and every site for ratings supremacy and they are right there. Sales wise, they are hitting their target. We might not know what is happening behind the scenes but the two points I just made is enough for them not to cancel of put the show on hiatus.

Steven Universe is a flagship of TV animation right now. I am not being biased but you can check those credible sites that shows TV ratings. I can guarantee right now that if they decided to pull off the show, a petition is on the way. But for the meantime, let us enjoy some of the episode ahead of us. If you weren't able to watch the previous episode, you can check streaming video sites right now.

If you can't watch them, here's what had happened. The episode focuses when Steven was still a baby. Greg had a hard time taking care of Steven and that's when help comes in. The Gems did help Greg to take care of baby Steven. The Gems( Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl) tried their very best to entertain and make baby Steven happy. They showered baby Steven a lot of gifts and made some jokes just to make him happy and they were very successful about it.

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