Arizona Sunshine VR Game Update; Controversial Modes Unlocked

All Arizona Sunshine VR game players will now have access to the previously Intel i7 exclusive modes. The developer decided to unlock the controversial modes to appease the angry fans.

Arizona Sunshine VR Game Exclusive Content

Arizona Sunshine VR developer Vertigo Games signed a limited time exclusivity deal with Intel. All 5th to 7th generation Intel i7 Core players will have first dibs with the single player Horde mode as well as the hardest Apocalyptic mode.

Intel partly funded and volunteered some "staff time" in the development of Arizona Sunshine VR. Vertigo in exchange, promised to make the some of the game's content as an Intel i7 core exclusive until March 6, 2017. That explanation however, failed to pacify many irritated customers who were demanding a refund.

Exclusive Contents Were Intended as Bonus

Vertigo Games defended their timed exclusive deal with Intel by saying that the modes were intended as a bonus. This means that Single player Horde and Apocalyptic mode were not part of the original VR game. Vertigo spokesperson Richard Stitselaar said that the two modes were not even mentioned at all when they were promoting the game.

One of the Arizona Sunshine VR buyers however, said the Vertigo should have been upfront about it earlier. The frustrated players said that he would not have bought the game had the information been made sooner.

Vertigo Games Unlocks Exclusive Modes

The surge of angry customer complaints and the demand for refund has forced to Vertigo Games to reconsider its earlier position. The two controversial modes are now available to all players. The developer hoped that the issue has been resolved although there's no word yet on how Intel reacted to the decision. The Arizona Sunshine VR review on Steam is now getting positive reviews once again. It's still part of Steam's ten top selling games and an Oculus best seller.

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