Steam Protects Consumers By Banning Misleading 'Bullshots'; Actual Screenshots Now Required

Stream is now taking steps to protect its customers from "Bullshots" of dishonest game developers. The new policies also aimed to protect minors from sexual, gory scenes and other mature contents.

What are Bullshots?

It basically means that the promotional images used by developers do not necessarily mean that such image will appear on the actual game, according to Arstechnica. However, such deceptive practices has disappointed and enraged unwitting buyers. The most recent example of this is No Man's Sky. Steam also issued refunds to many disgruntled NMS players but still received some backlash over it.

Valve Issues New Guidelines for Steam

Valve has now banned from Steam the use of "concept arts", pre-rendered images, written accounts of what the game would look like, copies of awards that the game or developer received and other related items. Instead, Steam is insisting that developers post actual screenshots of the game to let would be buyers know what they are actually getting. Valve has officially named the update as "Discovery Update 2.0"

The Dota 2 Example & NMS Experience

As an example, Valve listed the Dota 2 Advertisement as the wrong way to present a game for sale on Steam. The digital game distributor admitted that it was not clear about its rules and regulations but that is now changing. Valve is also included in the ongoing British investigation against NMS developer Hello Games for false advertisement. This certainly explains why Steam is now demanding screenshots from the game developers. By doing so, prospective buyers can assess the game's graphics and gameplay.

Age Appropriate Classification and Other Improvements

Steam will also require game developers to post information on whether their materials are appropriate for minors or limited to adults only. Other improvements include several sections such as "popular among friends" and separate sections for "curator selected" and "modestly selling games". Valve is currently implementing these changes according to Steam developers themselves.

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