Pokemon GO Update: Shiny Pokemon, New Costume and Gender Coming Next Week

By Allan Gonzales , Dec 09, 2016 05:57 PM EST

It has just been confirmed that aside from Generation 2 Pokemon, new costume, Pokemon Gender and the much awaited shiny Pokemon are also coming next week in 'Pokemon GO'. Data Miners have discovered these files earlier but it is only recently that Niantic has confirmed the news and players just can't wait for the date of release.

All 100 Generation 2 Pokemon Included in the Upcoming Update

According to reports, 'Pokemon GO' has already confirmed the files discovered by data miners which includes all 100 Generation 2 Pokemon including Totodile, Chikorita and Cyndaquil. Audio files has also been discovered where each Pokemon's voice will be heard when they are caught in the game.

As for the new gender feature, reports claim it wouldn't have much use in the game yet, at least until the breeding feature is already activated in the game. But for now, its functionality is only as an information and nothing else.

However, the new costume is a big and good news for everyone including hair, hat, shirt, pants, eyes, shoes, and backpack. It's definitely a new useful feature in the game since the costumes available today are very limited. It would really bring new excitement to have more choices in the game and be more unique from the rest. The only thing that players are hoping for next is that they can see each other's avatar in the app so they can show their new outfit.

Shiny Pokemon Also Found in 'Pokemon GO'

Last but not the least are the Shiny Pokemon that will make Pokemon hunting in 'Pokemon GO' more fun and challenging. Shiny Pokemon have absolutely no difference from the normal Pokemon but only in a different color or shade. One of the all-time favorite shiny Pokemon is the Red Gyarados, Rhydon and Machamp. Hopefully, finding them in the game isn't too hard just like in the Nintendo Pokemon games.

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