Pokemon GO Update: Nearby Tracker Feature Now Available To More Cities

Niantic Labs have finally expanded the places where the new Nearby Tracker system of Pokemon GO can be used. Initially, the feature is only available to parts of San Francisco but the company has now expanded the locations where the test feature can be experienced. The expansion includes U.S. cities namely areas in Arizona, Seattle and the rest of San Francisco Bay.

No Announcements Yet For Nationwide And Worldwide Release

It was not confirmed which exact locations in Arizona is included but reports claim that it should cover its major cities. Lucky for players in San Francisco Bay, it is confirmed that the update is experienced all the way from Oakland. As for the rest of U.S. and the world, players would just have to wait until the feature is ready for a nationwide and worldwide release.

The new feature was first made available three months ago but only to specific areas in San Francisco. Players that were able to use it liked the fact that they can finally tell which Pokemon is near in each Pokestop. Of course, it's not as good as the first tracker where the player can easily know how far away a Pokemon is but it's definitely better than the ones being used now.

The first Pokemon GO tracker includes information exactly how far away a player is from a nearby Pokemon. Unfortunately, Niantic Labs decided to disable it as it has caused numerous game servers crashing. Now the tracker implemented to the majority only shows which Pokemon is nearby but players have no clue where to find it.

Third Party Apps Still Not Encouraged

Many players who are desperate to find more Pokemon have relied on third party apps. Third party apps assist players by pinpointing exactly where to find a Pokemon and some can even identify where to find nests. However, Pokemon GO considers using these apps as cheating and may have suspended users who used it.

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