Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Spoiler: The Past, The Present, The Future, The End


We are nearing the much anticipated season of Netflix comedy drama series Orange Is The New Black. Art imitating art is the best way to explain on what to expect on the new season.

Orange Is The New Black: The Past

For almost 3 years right now, Orange Is The New Black series has been a consistent performer when it comes to TV ratings and sales. There are a lot of comedy drama series that graced television already but they were able to manage to stand out. Orange Is The New Black is not your ordinary series. As per report, the actors and actresses that compasses the series have to go to rigorous training and visualization in order for them to bring their characters to life.

Their initial reaction with their characters were somewhat not appreciated but after two episodes, they loved it. Mostly, the setting of the series is in the prison. It is where they discussed and deal things in a daily basis. Different cult of personalities are present and tensions are always eminent. The Netflix series captures 31 awards already for the span of three years and a total of 70 nominations under their bag.

Orange Is The New Black: The Present

Recently, there were allegations and rumors about the cast revolting against the producers. There are no concrete evidences about this allegations but the buzz they made affected the fans. Although they are almost finish shooting season 5, there are still no guarantee if they will go on for few more seasons. The main characters on the series was part of the “rumors”. According to reddit user, Taylor Schilling(Piper Chapman) and Laura Prepon(which is famous as Donna Pinciotti in That 70’s show) has some differences with the producers and the network. As of the moment, neither of the two commented about the issue.

Orange Is The New Black: The Future

Nobody knows what the future holds for Orange Is The New Black, not even the producers. They are in a state right now where they have to wait for the outcome of their latest season, which is season 5. There is a “division” within the production team and the network as confirmed by a respectable news site. They mentioned on their page that money and creative control is their main issue. Also, with Donald Trump winning the election, they might need to adjust some of their storylines for them not to offend the newly elected President.

Orange Is The New Black: The End

Netflix is a streaming giant. It was founded last August 29, 1997 in Scotts Valley, California. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph put in a lot of work to launch Netflix and right now they are enjoying their life. These two gentleman is not new when it comes to “pulling the trigger”. There are a lot of shows already that is cancelled on Netflix and they are marketing Orange Is The New Black right now. CW and HBO are the frontrunners right now. Both of them will surely be happy once they’ll acquire the massive series.

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