Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Update: The End Is Near

There are various reports about Netflix original series, Orange is The New Black being cancelled. However, fans can relax now as that was debunked by the producers and the network.

Orange Is The New Black: The Legacy Continues

The American Comedy Drama just basically destroyed every category and awards that TV Series has to offer. The show displayed uniqueness and full of surprises in their Season premier last 2013. Right now, they are one of the most feared TV series,since they know they are that damn good. The Netflix original series already captured a total of 31 awards with 70 nominations. While others are struggling in adjusting with Streaming series, Orange Is The New Black is excelling at it.

Netflix And Orange Is The New Black Cast Having Some Issues

This is not the first time we have heard or read a report about Netflix having issues with their stars. This issue alarmed the fans and they started doing the petition. One fan states that "If they cancel the show prematurely, then bye bye Netflix too". Other fans were making their movement via social media accounts. Having issues on the set is normal as long as it is not taken too personally. Amidst their success, this issue won't seem to die down.

Netflix as reported by one of the respected magazines is already ready to move with Orange Is The New Black. They are already talking to big stations such as CW and HBO. If they did release the show, both CW and HBO will be considered as winners. If there's two characters or actors that has personal issues with Netflix, that would be the main character Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon.

According to reddit user, Taylor Schilling who plays the role of Piper Chapman had some issues with one of Netflix boss. There are no concrete evidence with the claim but the gap between Taylor and Netflix is already visible. Also, Laura Prepon or most commonly known as Donna Pinciotti in the hit series That 70's Show is going through a rough patch with Netflix. Talent fee and personal issues are said to be the reason why they have a beef.

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