Cheryl Cole Pregnancy Updates, Liam Payne Attacks Louis Walsh

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne already showed the world that soon they will become parents. The British Pop sensation showed her baby bump for the first time and they look very happy with it.

Cheryl Cole Pregnancy Updates

The pregnancy rumors started last October this year. Cheryl Cole, the Former X factor judge, tried to keep it low and didn’t answer any of those pregnancy questions but the media won’t stop bugging her. She already cancelled a lot of her show(that is according to her agent) to relax for a bit but that’s not what’s happening. Her mother eventually answered some of those questions but it was not very helpful.

Then finally, they were ready to admit the pregnancy. Cheryl Cole and soon to be husband Liam Payne(One Direction Member) went out to attend a party and showed the baby bump. Fans were yelling and the media were screaming when they finally admitted the pregnancy rumors. The couple is visibly happy and they are ready to take parenthood.

Cheryl Cole’s Baby Gender

Right now, the power couple are tight lipped about the gender of the baby. However, in a stunning turn, we saw an evidence about the baby’s gender. Liam Payne was seen carrying a basket full of pink clothes and pillows. This led to the conclusion that they are expecting a baby girl. Now, this is not a guarantee yet as Liam Payne has a past of misleading its fans. He is great in hiding or playing mind games. Whatever the gender of the baby is, we hope that the baby is healthy. Cheryl Cole is taking extra measures with regards to her pregnancy and just wants to stay home all day long.

Liam Payne Attacks Louis Walsh

Well, this would not be the first time that the controversial X Factor judge is being attacked verbally by a celebrity. Louis Walsh is very unpredictable and has some attitude. He was also the center of the “manipulation” of the results in X factor. Yesterday, Liam Payne was pissed with Louis Walsh gesture. Apparently, Walsh didn’t even acknowledge Cheryl Cole and just ignored her to death.

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