Pokemon GO Breeding System, Gen 2 Pokemon Will Be Introduced Soon

Rumors have been going around about Pokemon GO introducing a breeding system as well as a lot of new items in the not so distant future. This new system will allow trainers to have new Pokemon monsters according to the source.

The rumors reportedly started from a website called The Silph Road, but turned out the news was twisted by others. According to the website, they have data mined Pokemon GO v0.49.1 and they found out some interesting features coming soon.

First of all, there will be a new buddy position called Baby. They said that it might be a minor change considering there has been no information found in the APK. Thus, they are not also sure whether it will be a new breeding system but there are hopes that this feature will come in the future.

They also found the sound files of the next 100 Pokemon monsters that will be added to the game. They say that the files might be a hint that Gen 2 Pokemon might indeed be coming to Pokemon GO.

If Gen 2 are still not confirmed, shinies will definitely come to Pokemon GO. The reason for such confident predictions is that there is not any UI code that exist handle them separately from what is already in existence.

The next change that is coming to Pokemon GO is the gender. According to the information they data mined, Pokemon GO monsters might soon have a gender. Moreover, there is also more customization for the avatar in the hair, shirt, pants, hat, shoes, backpack, and eyes. The avatar customization can either be unlockable or purchasable in the game.

And the biggest Pokemon GO surprise of them all? Pokemon will have new costumes. It does not only contain one costume but several costumes for the Pokemon. One of the type that was data mined was under the category "Holiday."

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