Elite: Dangerous PS4 Release Date Slated For Q2 2017; PSVR Compatibility Still Unconfirmed

Elite: Dangerous fans should get ready because the game will finally be available on PS4 and PS4 Pro next year. The fans are really happy because they have waited for a long time so they could explore the Milky Way just like Xbox One users do.

Important Details About The Coming Of Elite: Dangerous To PS4 And PS4 Pro

According to Engadget, Elite: Dangerous' release date for Sony is set to be in the second quarter of next year. It is currently being enjoyed by Xbox One and PC users. It is also available in virtual reality with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, it is not yet sure if the game will be available on PSVR. 

Elite: Dangerous on PS4 and PS4 Pro will have the latest Horizon expansions in the game. The players can have access to trading, fighting and exploring the Milky Way. Frontier will also allow the players to see familiar constellations and black holes. The game has over 400 billion star systems either created based on scientific research or just for art.

Fans are really hoping that next year will come by faster because they cannot wait for Elite: Dangerous in PS4 and PS4 Pro. Xbox One and Mac users were the first people to play and to try the game since its release last 2014.

Why Players Are Hoping For Elite: Dangerous Support For PSVR?

As per Upload VR, some of the users of Oculus Rift said that Elite: Dangerous made them feel like champions of the galaxy. The players are really happy with what the game has been letting them experience while using Rift.

If Frontier will release a support for PSVR of Elite: Dangerous, the players will certainly enjoy the galactic view and will let them feel like they are really the pilots of the spaceship. The fans are hoping that with the PS4 Pro's support will pave the way to Sony's PSVR.

Elite: Dangerous fans using PS4 are really excited for the official announcement of the release date of the game from Frontier. They are hoping that the game will be better than those who are using Xbox One because of the new added features for their consoles.

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