‘Dragon Ball Super’ News & Updates: Series To Go On Hiatus After Episode 72; Big Arc Announcement Scheduled On December 17

"Dragon Ball Super" has been airing filler episodes after the "Future Trunks" arc where the Saiyans fought Black Goku and Zamasu. Official reports indicate that the big announcement will happen on Dec. 17, while fans can expect the anime to go on a short hiatus after episode 72.

"Dragon Ball Super" Next Big Arc

After "Dragon Ball Super" episode 67, Toei Animation has been airing side stories featuring the adventures of Goku. Although the episodes were entertaining, the fans are waiting for the next saga. There are a lot of opinions as to what the next arc will be although there is no definite word from the animation studio or series creator Akira Toriyama.

Weeks ago, news broke out that Gohan will finally be in the next arc. Goku's son was absent in the fighting scenes in the previous saga. There were also theories that the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly will also make an appearance. Many fans speculate that the next arc will be another tournament where Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of their team will face the strongest fighters in the Universe.

All of these remain to be rumors and predictions although there would finally be news on Dec. 17. The panel for "Dragon Ball Super" will make a presentation during the Jump Festa and more details about the next arc and the direction of the anime will be revealed.

"Dragon Ball Super" Hiatus

While fans would be ecstatic that they do not need to wait until 2017 to know what the next arc would be, the series will go on a short break right after episode 72. The latest schedule for the anime reveals that episode 70 which features the baseball game between Goku and Champa will air on Dec. 11. Meanwhile, episodes 71 and 72, the two-part HIT episodes, will air on Dec. 18 and 25. There will be no new episode on Jan. 1 next year and "Dragon Ball Super" will resume its regular programming with episode 73 on Jan. 8.

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