Death Stranding Creator Kojima Ecstatic Over Decima Game Engine; Find Out Why

Death Stranding creator Kojima is ecstatic over the Decima game engine. The Japanese game designer also launched a series of cryptic tweets raving about the Guerrilla's engine.

Death Stranding Creator Kojima Cryptic Tweets

Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima severed his ties with Konami last year, according to Nikkei. Unfortunately, the Japanese game publisher did not permit Kojima to take the Fox game engine with him. Death Stranding creator Kojima therefore needed a new game engine to develop the game.

Sony helped Death Stranding creator Kojima search for a new one from among its stable of game developers. He selected Guerilla's Decima engine and seems quite happy with the choice. In typical Kojima fashion, he compared Decima to a space rocket that will propel his upcoming game "all the way to Jupiter" via a series of tweets. He also said the engine will have no problem creating the open world environment he envisions for Death Stranding.

Kojima Has Doubts?

The Decima game engine certainly impressed Death Stranding creator Kojima. He has some reservations though about its use in the game though. Guerrilla used the Decima to develop Horizon Zero Down. Because of this, Kojima fears that his upcoming Death Stranding game will have the same graphic look as Horizon Zero.

Death Stranding Video Preview

The recent Death Stranding video trailer seems to have allayed Kojima's fears. Kojima's upcoming game and Horizon Zero does not share any similar look whatsoever. Guerilla's Hulst and Death Stranding creator Kojima are also both please with the current look of the game. Hollywood stars such as Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen will render their facial features and voices in the upcoming game. Kojima also hinted that a female character lead will be joining soon. The expected release date of the game is 2019.

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