PS4 Pro Unlocks 2 Major Achievements In Console Gaming

The PS4 Pro reportedly boasts two things that make it a cut above the rest. The mid-generation console reportedly delivers 4K gaming ahead of the Microsoft Scorpio. Furthermore, full HDR rendering is also to be expected with the latest in the PlayStation experience. However, note that the extent of the upgrades reportedly vary with each game.

PS4 Pro console reportedly comes with enhancements on the PS experience by delivering a 4K display. Moreover, the hit games on the PS console have reportedly come with upgrades on the PS4 Pro. On that note, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Hitman, Ratchet and Clank, Robinson: The Journey, inFamous and Titanfall 2, among others have reportedly been amped up for the PS4 Pro console.

However, it should be noted that Microsoft is also believed to be working on 4K support for its upcoming Project Scorpio console. Moreover, to pair up with the PS4 Pro, Ultra HD screens have also began shipping in large volumes. On that note, it is said that the PS4 Pro also supports full high dynamic range rendering.

It has also been noted that the PS4 Pro delivers smart technology to deliver decent 4K results with 150-160w power consumption. In addition, the PS4 Pro reportedly plays a plethora of native 4K titles operating at 60fps with 1440p-1800p. Note that titles like Uncharted 4 and Titanfall 2 that typically use temporal super-sampling anti-aliasing run on 1440p well.

In other news, the PS4 Pro still sells at $399.99 over at Best Buy but several PS4 bundles have also been noted on the online retailer site. Previously, Best Buy reportedly launched a two-day sale on Apple devices for the holidays. Furthermore, it is expected that the online retailer will also be selling both the Xbox One S and the PlayStation 4 for a cheaper price on Dec. 11.

PS4 Pro predecessor is slated to be priced at $249 on the said date. Apparently, the release of the PS4 Pro has also launched several sales on the original PlayStation consoles. In addition, several deals for the slimmer PS4 Slim have also launched on several online retail stores. Watch a Before you Buy review of the console here:


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