NES Classic Editions Restock: Where Can You Buy Before Holiday Season Is Over?

NES Classic Edition announcements are expected over at Amazon in the coming weeks. However, it has been noted that only a handful of stores have the device while other retailers like Best Buy reportedly offer the NES Classic Edition at this point. In addition, the console has also been noted to come with a couple of games to amp up its value.

Amazon Video Games reportedly posted on Twitter revealing NES Classic Edition related news. However, it has been noted that aside from a handful of stocks in the retail locations of Oregon, California and Washington, there may not be any more than that. On the other hand, it is further speculated that the online retail store may still restock the NES Classic Edition fully on the website or roll out with a special sale for Prime members.

In addition, Best Buy has reportedly confirmed new in-store shipments of the new NES Classic Edition console on Dec. 20. Apparently, Toys R Us has already finished its Great Big Christmas Sale that included loads of the NES Classic Edition. Additionally, it should be noted that the console also comes with 30 classic Nintendo games pre-loaded, that include The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. for a $60 price tag.

In other news, both the Raspberry Pi 3 and the RetroPie reportedly fare better than the NES Classic Edition. As it turns out, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B only costs $40 over at Amazon that includes a 5V 2.5A micro USB power adapter. Hence, the device may not only be cheaper than the NES Classic Edition but also more powerful.

NES Classic Edition, on the other hand, is said to be a mere Linux-powered device in a case. However, note that the Pi does not come with a built-in storage so a microSD card may be required. Hence, the device along with a 64GB microSD card may cost $92 which is more than the NES Classic Edition itself. Check out more about the device here:


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