Friday The 13th:The Game Update: Tommy Jarvis Is Now A Playable Character; Check Out The Details

Friday the 13th:The Game is supposed to be released this year but it was postponed because of new and fresh ideas that are integrated into the game. The latest news about the game is that Tommy Jarvis will be part of the game and players can use him.

Tommy Jarvis Is The Latest Addition In Friday The 13th: The Game

Horror movie fans are excited about Friday the 13th: The Game's release next year. What made them extra excited is that they can use Tommy Jarvis in the game. According to GameSpot, the character will be a camp counselor who strives to be alive.

Tommy Jarvis appeared in the fourth installment of "Friday the 13th" movie called "The Final Chapter." As per International Business Times, Jarvis' abilities is not yet announced but players are expecting that he will be one of the leading counselors in Friday the 13th:The Game.

Gun Media is planning to release Friday the 13th:The Game next year because a lot of fans are already waiting for the game. The game will let the players relive Jason's killing sprees. Players are hoping it will give justice to the scary and thrilling feel of the movies.

What Are The Other Features Of Friday The 13th:The Game?

If the players pre-ordered Friday the 13th:The Game, players have the chance to play the multiplayer campaign beta of the game for PC users, according to RelyonHorror. The single player campaign, on the other hand, will presumably come with the game on launch.

The single-player campaign Friday the 13th:The Game is the reason why the game is delayed to early 2017. It is yet to be seen if it is an improvement to the game. Hopefully, once the game is launched, players will be satisfied and all the waiting will be worth it.

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