'Haikyuu!!' Chapter 235 Spoilers: Karasuno Makes Counter-attack; Oddball Duo Back In Action

Karasuno is now starting their counter-attack in "Haikyuu!!" chapter 235! After a few misses, Kageyama has finally recalibrated his spatial awareness to the court in the Spring Inter-high. Fans will be seeing more action especially from the oddball duo and more combination plays from Karasuno.

In "Haikyuu!!" chapter 234, Kageyama was ostracized by some audience who don't know his characteristics due to his sloppy plays. Karasuno can't score comfortably and barely managed to keep up with Yamaguchi's jump float serve. However, they were all shocked and speechless by the end of the chapter seeing Kageyama and Hinata's freak quick.

The excitement on Hinata's face as Kageyama made his first perfect toss was quite evident. It's no question that the two will make some outrageous plays in "Haikyuu!!" chapter 235. Tsubakihara must have done their research on Karasuno but seeing their attacks up close is different than the videos.

The element of surprise is even greater now after they saw Karasuno's uncoordinated plays in the first few minutes so Karasuno might get the first set. Karasuno has also learned how to utilize the freak quick more effectively by letting Hinata converge with the other players before lauching a surprise quick.

It is certain that Tsubakihara will be able get back on their rhythm later in the game especially with Echigo, who was previously described as the intelligent and observant version of Tanaka. However, Hinata is not the only weapon of Karasuno. After Hinata steals the spotlight, Karasuno will surely attack from various directions and do more combination plays putting Tsubakihara at a disadvantage.

HInata and Kageyama's plays in "Haikyuu" chapter 235 will also surely shock their classmates from Karasuno High who promised to watch the game. In "Haikyuu!!" anime season 3, students from Karasuno came to cheer in the game with Shiratorizawa but it will be the first time they will be seeing it in the manga. They even mistook Hinata as a manager or an errand runner for the volleyball club due to his height.


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