'Arrow' Season 5: Felicity Gets More Darker And Evil This Time

'Arrow' has been on a long pause for quite some time. But it seems like all are ready for its comeback next year, January 2017. In one of the recent reports, sources pointed out that fans should look at the characters that would drastically changed for the upcoming season. One of them is Felicity and here's what she will do in the return of the show.

'Arrow' Season 5 To Show The Darker Side Of Felicity, Should Viewers Start To Hate Her?

There would be a rampant change happening in the next season of 'Arrow'. It was told that Felicity would have to undergo changes as the season premieres next year. It was also reiterated that the character would have to go on a darker destination to further unleash the reason of what's happening to her.

Also, Arrow would try to shot his nemesis Prometheus only to find out that it was part of the evil plan. When the mask was removed, it was revealed that Detective Billy was under it. This made Arrow reminisce the information he got from someone regarding the destruction of people's life who's closer to him.

On the other hand, creators of the show already gave a glimpse as to how Felicity would act out on the fifth season. With the death of Billy, Felicity would try to look for the real reason of his death disregarding Oliver for it.

She would eventually focus on her wrath to Prometheus that would lead her to a darker path. As she starts her journey towards darkness, she would eventually meet different people from her past.

Because of this, it was revealed that Felicity would be leaving the team. With all questions remain unanswered in her life, she would be eventually a threat to everyone's safety.

Make sure to catch the 5th Season of Arrow on January 25, 2017.

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