'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Update: The Finale That Starts Up A War

The Walking Dead Season 7 finale is by far the greatest single episode in The Walking Dead franchise history. They did end it with a bang. Negan showed everybody that he is not someone to play with as he killed Spencer in the process.

Negan Is The Most Ruthless Character In The Walking Dead

Killing Glenn and Abraham wasn’t enough for Negan to show that he is cold-blooded and unforgiving. His arrival started all the misery in Rick’s team. He literally changed the game in The Walking Dead Series. Jeffrey Dean Morgan made the fans hate him so much even in real life he is now hated. His co-stars however, praised him with his performance. Jeffrey Dean Morgan already has a respectable career and joining The Walking Dead Franchise catapulted his career to stardom.

Season 7 Episode 1 just broke records and hearts of The Walking Dead fans. I won’t go to detail with regards to this one as you’ve watched what happened. The producers did live up to their promise that they will experiment and expand on other characters. There were some negative feedbacks about the pilot episode due to its outcome. The producers were judged already and fans drawing comparisons with Game of Thrones.

The Walking Dead Ratings

As mentioned, the pilot episode of Season 7 broke ratings but episode 2 and 3 didn’t continue its momentum. The death of the two lovable characters Glenn and Abraham cost the drastic decline of numbers. The fans were affected so much they started an online propaganda about the series. They were taking the segment too personal and as per reports, some of the producers received death threats. The ratings didn’t do no good for episode 4 and 5 too. These episodes were so stagnant it only revolved around Negan’s asylum.

Finally, The Walking Dead series was able to get a burst with episode 6. Their ratings soared and it continued until the series finale. As per Nielsen Ratings, their ratings went up at around 8%. The finale however gave us a glimpse on what will happen in February. With Daryl free from captive and back in Rick’s team, they are now going to gage war against Negan and his goons. Daryl is not the same but I can guarantee everyone else that he will be the one who is going to kill Negan.

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