Final Fantasy XV Guide: Complete List Of Best Weapons And How To Get Them

By Alvin Elfwine , Dec 13, 2016 04:30 AM EST
Square Enix has finally revealed the full details for Final Fantasy XV's first DLC which is expected to bring back classic villains and more. (Photo : Student Baller/YouTube)

One of the coolest things about Final Fantasy XV is the wide-range of weapons it offers. Regardless of the effectiveness, these all can give players a huge lift. But of course, the more challenging a particular scenario is, the more important is your weapon's efficiency should be. If you're ready to skip the details and spoil yourself, here's a list of the all the best weapons in the game. Again, they're the best of the best. Read on!


Without a doubt, this is one of the best swords in the game. And mind you, it can fairly compete with the titular Ultima Blade. The Balmung is located at the Steyliff Grove Dungeon, which can firstly be visited with Aranea at Chapter 7. Please note, though, that you need to return from here at Chapter in order to acquire the weapon. Then, simply go to the second dungeon area, which is just behind the sealed door.

Ultima Blade

Of course, this Final Fantasy XV list will be useless without the inclusion of the Ultima Blade. Considered as one of the top of the line weapons in the game, this sword can be acquired by simply going through the "A Better Engine Blade" quests along with Cid. In total, there are 3 quests that you have to undergo. Don't worry, as you can start the missions as early as Chapter 2.

The first quest, in particular, can only be accessed once you bring Cid a Rusted Bit. The second one is when you're able to clear the first quest in which Cid will ask you to obtain the Glass Gemstone. The third one will then be made available once the second quest is done. This time around, you'll be asked to locate the Sturdy Helixhorn. The latter can be acquired straight from the Duplicorns. They can be located at the Old Lestallum southwest of Lestallum.

Soul Saber

If you've grown tired of the usual Great Swords, the Soul Saber is your next best option in Final Fantasy XV. It's a one-handed weapon, perfect for damaging enemies at a much faster pace. It can be obtained by completing the quests Randolph will give you. And oh, you need to finish it all the way to the Cursed Legend. The final phase to acquire this might sword is to battle a Level 85 enemy. So, if I were you, I'd ready my strategy and attack tactics.

Death Penalty

Arguably a practical weapon or sword to have, Death Penalty can be obtained by clearing the game first. After which, you need to find the Dungeon Seal key and hold it. You can then proceed to the Balouve Mines where the sword is located. There, you'll discover a secret door. But weary, as another killer monster (a Boss) awaits your entrance.

Death Penalty in Final Fantasy XV is packed with the ultimate features. It offers a base damage of a whopping 424, a figure way more than Balmung's and/or Ultima Blade's. This is definitely a weapon worth having.

What are your thoughts on this Final Fantasy XV guide? Do you agree with our list? Any other sword or weapon you can add? Be sure to share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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