MacBook Pro Latest News And Updates: Pac-Man, Lemmings And Other Games Now Playing On The Touch Bar

More and more apps are turning up on the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar. This time, some of the classic video games can now be played on that little strip of technology.

Apple's Touch Bar technology supports various functions particularly the ones that it replaced. The Touch Bar, which is located where the Function Keys used to be, is a strip of touch screen LCD display. An Apple executive mentioned before that the company did not want to follow other company's direction of turning laptops into tablets. The Touch Bar is Apple's way of providing touch screen experience to MacBook users.

That experience is made even better by its unlimited potential.

According to Tech Times, a number of major software developers such as Adobe, Atlassian, and Microsoft have already started developing support for their products. Others are looking at creating applications that make the Touch Bar experience more fun.

A few days ago, a certain developer created a piano app that works on the Touch Bar. Now, games such as the classic "Pac-Man" of the 80's and the popular 90's shooter game "Doom".

Pac-Bar, created by Henry E. Franks, a 15-year old developer, is the MacBook Pro's version of the iconic game. It was written in Apple's Swift programming language and can be downloaded from Github. Get the Pac-Bar here.

Erik Olsson, another developer, has written a Touch Bar version of the 90's game "Lemmings". In the game, lemmings walk back and forth on the strip and react to touch. Get the game here.

Remember the dinosaur game on Google Chrome? Well, it's back. Someone called yuhuili has written it for the Touch Bar and called it TouchBarDino. Here it is.

Despite all these new uses for the Touch Bar, Apple has maintained that the tech should be used exclusively as an extension of the keyboard and trackpad.

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