‘The OA’ Release Date & Update: Netflix Responds To HBO’s ‘Westworld’ With Its Latest Sci-Fi Series That Will Premiere On December 16

Netflix just dropped a new trailer for its sci-fi series "The OA," which will be launched on Friday, Dec. 16. The streaming giant has been highly secretive about this show. Despite the preview that was just released, viewers are still wondering what the series is all about. Based on the press release, the series will be a "mind-bending odyssey" that will unfold in eight chapters.

Netflix Original Series 'The OA'

Coming from the creators of "The East" and "Sound of My Voice," Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling, the newest addition to Netflix's original sci-fi category is drawing in a lot of curious viewers. The preview that was released on Monday, Dec. 12 was quite cryptic.

The main character in "The OA" is a girl in her twenties, Prairie Johnson, who is played by Marling. The network describes the series as the journey of a blind girl who went missing. Through some miracle, Prairie makes her way back home to her parents after seven years with her eyesight restored.

Since Prairie remained tightlipped about everything that transpired during those years to her parents or the FBI, there are some who see her as dangerous, but others think her return is a miracle. Prairie insists that she did not disappear and that she was "present for all of it."

'The OA' Versus 'Westworld'

From the short clip released by Netflix, there were some entertainment sites that saw some similarities between HBO's Michael Crichton-inspired sci-fi series "Westworld" and the latest Netflix original show. However, Netflix's psychological thriller is said to be about "identity and human connection" and will explore the "borders between life and death."

There are also some Netflix fans who foresee that the drama will have elements taken from "Stranger Things" and "Black Mirror," both of which are mind-bending in their own ways. Since sparse details can be gleaned from the trailer, fans would have to wait until Friday, Dec. 16 to binge watch the Netflix original series "The OA."

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