Final Fantasy Guide: How To Easily Upgrade Your Regalia

By Alvin Elfwine , Dec 14, 2016 04:10 AM EST

There are lots of tools and/or items to choose in Final Fantasy XV. But arguably, among the best is no other than the Regalia. The thing, though, is it isn't that easy to acquire. One needs to extend a good amount of effort. Apart from that, players need to have concrete knowledge on how to use it appropriately. Well, don't worry -- this guide will show you how.

According to Windows Central, albeit being a sweet ride to have, the Regalia is relatively slow. Going from Point A to B, while using it, can significantly consume a good amount of time. But hey, it actually has an interesting aspect to offer -- it can become a shop that allows players to offload their hard-earned treasures. And oh, not to mention this thing flies.

Nevertheless, there are bunch of ways to make it perform like a pro in Final Fantasy XV. First on the list is to talk to Cindy. The latter adores the vehicle so much that she's willing to help players at whatever cost. Once Chapter Two is completed (The Power of Kings should be finished by then, too), players can use Cindy as their own mechanic.

Going back to the aformentioned NPC, she's also able to make the Regalia a little bit efficient when it comes to fuel. She simply asks the four dudes to go straight to the tunnel, which is located in the southern part of the Prairie Outpost. Here, the ideal level is 7, as it's very likely for players to go up against a legion of goblins. After a few ups and downs, they'll be able to discover the Aero Wax, which can be used to upgrade the vehicle.

If Final Fantasy XV players want to pimp their ride, they need to acquire the Redstone Shard. This one here is among the rare stones that give cars an exceptional paint job. This can be obtained at the Balouve Mines, just near the entrance. The stone is known for having a glowing color (red). Just pick it up and bring it back to Cindy. She knows exactly what to do by then.

Another quest that players can choose to go over is the one for Fiberglass Coating. Not only will it keep the Regalia clean, it also gives Cindy a huge lift from cleaning the vehicle more often. To find it, go straight to the Astor Slough. The item is placed in an old car, which is near a house by the lake. Giving it to Cindy is synonymous to earning 600 EXP.

What are your thoughts on this Final Fantasy XV guide? How's your car duties with the Regalia? Any other tips you can share? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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