GTA 5 Import/Export Update: All-New Features, Upgrades And Vehicles Revealed

GTA 5 Import/Export Update: All-New Features, Upgrades And Vehicles Revealed
Rockstar Games has finally released the brand new DLC for GTA 5 and it's called Import/Export. Photo : Typical Gamer/YouTube

Rockstar Games has just released the highly anticipated GTA 5 DLC. Prior to it, the studio has unleashed a trailer, giving players a sneak-peak at what the forthcoming content is all about. It's called Import/Export, which brings the meta gameplay to a whole new level. Here's what it's all about!

In its most organic form, the content allows players to expand their criminal shenanigans. The only catch, though, is that they have a "frontier of illicit profiteering." And yes, it's up to them to explore their options. In the brand new DLC, expect things to work differently than before.

In the official statement, Rockstar describes GTA 5 Import/Export as something that'll make the hands of the CEOs a little bit dirty. Along with their respective organizations, players move forward to a brand new scheme of stealing and dealing a good number of "liberated" luxury cars. Aside from that, both the Vehicle Cargo and Executive Offices will have something new. This is thanks to the arrival of the Executive Garage, a new housing structure that can cater up to 60 vehicles.

Players will also be able to acquire the rarest vehicle finds. All of these, as what the studio deems, are capable of streamlining their corporate mischievousness. The only catch? They do it in a rather explosive way.

The arrival of GTA 5 Import/Export DLC also means the rise of the vehicle prices. For instance, Benny's Vehicles Principe Diabolus could now range to at least $169,000 in-game currency. Also, the Annis Elegy RH8 when upgraded to "Classic" Elegy may round up to $904,000. The upgrade, though, is for free.

As for the lovers of motorsport, bikes like the Pegassi Tempesta might be synonymous to $1,329,000. The Ocelot Penetrator, on the other hand, is sitting fairly at $880,000. Apart from these, there are cool stuff to look forward to -- the new adversary modes to be exact.

Among the list of vehicles under the Warstock Cache & Carry are Rocket Voltic (from $2,880,000 to $3,830,400) and Ruiner 2000 (from $4,320,000 to $5,745,600). This also includes the Blazer Aqua and Wastelander. And like the rest, the two vehicles have also increased in terms of price.

One of the newest adversary modes in GTA 5 is called the "Turf Wars." Here, players will have to hold as much territories as they can. And once they do, they have the duty to keep it away from the opposing teams. Furthermore, a set of vehicles -- all brand new -- have been added to the game. However, these require purchases from the various Travel and Transport websites. Among the latter are Benny's Original Motor Works, Warstock Cache & Carry and Legendary Motorsport.

The newly released DLC, Import/Export, is now live in all console platforms (i.e. Xbox One and PlayStation 4). As per the official description, it weighs around 1.56GB. Currently, though, there's yet to be an official word as to when it'll arrive on the PC platform.

What are your thoughts on the new GTA 5 DLC? How's the experience so far with the Import/Export DLC? Do you like it or not? Regardless, be sure to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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