Rockstar Announces Latest GTA 5 Bonuses, Sales; Details Revealed

Rockstar Announces Latest GTA 5 Bonuses, Sales; Details Revealed
GTA 5 is also expected to get 50 percent off on all executive offices including customization as well as office decoration. Photo : Gamer's Little Playground/YouTube

GTA 5 has been in the gaming industry for 3 years already. It might not be that long, but its popularity since day one has yet to fade. It only goes to show the kind of expertise Rockstar Games has in the market. Now, the studio is planning to make things even better for the community. Weekly bonuses and sales are in, and these are something one can't simply neglect. The offers are just too good to resist.

To start the bonus extravaganza, players will be able to double their in-game currency and RP, as reported by GameSpot. These are all possible in the game's Drop Zone as well as the Player Adversary. To add to the list of modes, included is the Kill Quota, the newest mode to be ever released. These are going to happen come next month, particularly on the 8th of December.

Aside from the bonuses, there are GTA 5 sales as well. Rockstar has opted to give discounts (huge ones, so to speak) on vehicles, properties, armors and weapons. For the properties, in particular, the studio is taking 50 percent off. This covers the entire executive offices in the game. And oh, the office decors and items for customization are part of it as well.

As for the vehicles, the Buzzard Attack Copper can be purchased with a cut of 50 percent. For those who loves supercars, the Pegassi Reaper is a great steal. It's discounted for at least 25 percent, making it a great offer. Furthermore, players are given the chance to save at least 25 percent on shotguns, sniper rifles and body armors. Aren't these amazing?

Adding to the list of discounted GTA 5 vehicles are the Enus Windsor and Vapid Desert Raid. Both of these are discounted for at least 25 percent, same as the Pegassi Reaper. The week is absolutely a treat to fans who're into driving fast vehicles.

Also, players will be happy knowing that the Cunning Stunts update is already part of the game's Online Creator feature. With that, stunt props can easily be accessed. Players can then use these props to further customize the beauty of their respective Deathmatches. And yes, this also includes both the Capture and Last Team Standing events.

It's worth noting that in GTA 5, the stunt props are divided into a total of 7 categories. The first one being Stunt Tracks, which is followed by Stunt Set Pieces. Next are the Stunt Tubes and Stunt Ramps. Stunt Raised Track and Stunt Signs are also part of this. And lastly, which is not the least, the Stunt Building Blocks.

It should also be noted that Rockstar has announced this week the Premium race, which is no other than Turbine. The latter basically challenges players to conduct a rack throughout a so-called wind farm. This is going to end December 7. Until then, players have the chance to triple their RP. But as for the winners, they'll be taking home the substantial prizes thanks to their efforts.

What are your thoughts on the new GTA 5 weekly bonuses and sales? Any expectations for this event? Share to us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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