World of Warcraft News: Players Are Now Avoiding Nightbane PUGs, Here's Why

Patch 7.1 opens up exciting new adventures for the World of Warcraft community as it brings back Karazhan into the spotlight. With the recent patch updates, players can now effectively run Karazhan and kill Nightbane (after finishing the quest-line) by just going for PUGs. But one player recently reveals the blatant abuse of PUGs when taking down Nightbane. Here's why many players are now being discouraged in defeating Nightbane using PUGs.

Nightbane PUGs Issues

A player has recently shared his Nightbane run on Reddit and it revealed an appalling incident to many. According to Octonir, he was on the verge of clearing NIghtbane using his Fire Mage (iLevel 890) alongside a Pickup Group when out of nowhere, the group leader suddenly kicked him out of the party. Startled, everything came into light after the group leader suddenly went into the trade chat saying: "WTS Nightbane boss/mount - at the boss! PST."

It's clear that the group wasn't intending to share the loot to him and was only using his support to get into Nightbane. The incident was clearly an exploit and is bannable once proven guilty. According to the player, he already reported the case and is only waiting for confirmation.

PUGs are widely known for its notorious clandestine acts particularly this case where the group would trade a random party slot for someone with gold. And because of this, many players are now being discouraged to run Nightbane, which is highly popular due to its valueable drops, using PUGs as despite being illicit, there's no severe punishment for these kind of behaviors and thus, a lot of people would still exploit this once given the chance to do so.

Have you experience slot trading on one of your PUGs? Share your experience in the comments down below!

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