'Vikings' Season 4 News & Spoilers: Alex Høgh Andersen Teases Ivar’s Rise To Power; Ragnar Pushes Ivar To Fight His Disease Drastically

"Vikings" season 4 has been preparing for the imminent death of the current leader Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and among his sons, Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) is in the running for being the next outstanding leader. Ivar, The Boneless, is known in history to be a ruthless leader. The next Viking leader will do what it takes to be successful despite the disease that is consuming him.

'Vikings' Season 4 Spoilers: Ivar's Future

Ivar may lack bones but the youngest of Ragnar's son is not less of a man or a Viking because of his disease. Despite being the one who always sits on the sidelines while watching his brothers, Ivar is among the most intelligent of Ragnar's brood. During a trip to England with his father in "Vikings" season 4, Ivar started to realize why Ragnar is one of the most legendary Viking leaders.

Ivar has a violent temper and while he has great admiration for his father, the person he trusts most is Floki. In the upcoming episodes, Ivar is bound to have more moments with Floki. Andersen also teased in an interview that Ivar will "try something very drastic to fight the disease."

"Vikings" season 4 is currently on its 13th episode; Ivar and Ragnar are on English soil after a shipwreck. Enemies are aware that Ragnar is in Wessex and they are planning to search for him and have him killed. While father and son are facing a dangerous situation, Ivar learns a military strategy and how to manipulate people from Ragnar. His father even gave him orders to use his disease by telling him to act like a cripple so the two of them will look helpless as they march towards the gates.

'Vikings' Season 4 Spoilers: Ragnar's Demise

"Vikings" season 4 will put the spotlight on Ragnar's progeny and the Viking warrior meeting his imminent death. As written in history, Ragnar will die at the hands of King Ælla of Northumbria who will throw him in a pit of snakes. However, the episode where Ragnar will die is not known yet. Right after his death, Ragnar's sons will avenge him through a bloody war where the Norse warriors will invade the English soil.

"Vikings" season 4 airs every Wednesday on History at 9 p.m.

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