Stardew Valley Xbox One, PS4 Guide: How To Maximize Spring To Start The First Year Right

Stardew Valley Xbox One, PS4 Guide: How To Maximize Spring To Start The First Year Right
Learn how you can kickstart Stardew Valley by using the first season, Spring, effectively. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

Stardew Valley, dubbed the best Harvest Moon game there is, has finally landed in consoles. Thousands of users are just joining in on the fun, so things might get a little confusing to them. You see, it's more than just farming. Read on to find out how you can efficiently run your farm for the first year.

Stardew Valley: First Things First

The first year of your Stardew Valley life should be focused on getting money through crops. Relationships and animals go second. Each season consists of 28 days, which you have to spend wisely. The first season is the most crucial as it will decide how the rest of your year will go.

The first thing you will do is clean up your Stardew Valley farm. It's a good idea to clean up a small patch first that you intend to use right away. However, it is recommended that you allot half of your daily energy in removing debris. Stones, wood and other resources make for great crafting materials you will need.

Stardew Valley Planting Profitable Seeds

Next is to use that hoe and plant some seeds. This guide here talks of the best crops to plant during Spring that generate higher profits. However, you should also plant other varieties as Pelican Town residents in Stardew Valley may request for them in the bulletin board at Pierre's grocery store.

Save up money a bit in preparation for the Egg Festival, which occurs halfway through Spring. Go to the location of the festival and look for Pierre. He will be selling some Strawberry seeds, which yield higher profits. Buy as many as you can and bring them back to your farm. You want to plant them as soon as possible so do it before hitting the sack.

Strawberry plants in Stardew Valley continuously produce fruits every couple of days. The seed only costs 100G and the berries sells for 120G. That means that a single investment would continuously yield 120G (as long as the plant is alive, of course!). Do not plant all of your seeds this time. Save some or more for Spring next year so you don't have to wait for the Egg Festival to get them.

Maximize Your Time In Stardew Valley

Don't forget to maximize the day and get to other activities that Stardew Valley offers. Making friends is crucial, yes, but you want to prepare for Summer. Spring is the perfect time to forage. Go outside your farm and walk around looking for some plants and berries from the ground, bushes or trees. You can either eat them for energy or sell them for some Gs.

Another thing you can do when you have finished tending to your farm is fishing. There are also seasonal catches that are only available during Spring. The activity unlocks after visiting Willy the fisherman South of Pelican Town. He will give you a fishing pole, which you can use at any body of water. Refill your energy to fish some more.

Other Handy Stardew Valley Tips

If Stardew Valley prompts you to build a chicken coop, don't. Building one takes too much resources and money, which doesn't really pay off at the end. As aforementioned, animals go second. Stick to crops in your first year. If you're good at managing your time and money, buy some livestock in the latter part of the year.

Also, stray away from upgrades. You don't need that yet in your first season in Stardew Valley. Spring should be focused on money-making activities. Spend your money on things that generate more money. One exception to this is your farm house. If you somehow manage to rack up 10,000G for an upgrade, then by all means, schedule it now in the carpenter's. However, make sure you don't spend all that you have.

Next up, we'll talk about how to make more money in Summer! Stay tuned for more Stardew Valley PS4 guides. If you just got the game, tell us how you're finding the Harvest Moon-esque title so far in the comments below.

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